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Cleaning the outside of the printer:

Collect the supplies you need: a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol is good. (Water is fine in most cases.)

Check the printer manual. If the manufacturer has provided specific instructions, follow them.

Turn off the printer.

Dampen a cloth with water or cleaning fluid.

Wipe the outside of the printer, making sure that no fluid gets inside.

* Terry cloths work best as they absorb toner very well!

Don't spray fluids anywhere near the ventilation holes on the printer.

Don't use ammonia-based cleaner.

Cleaning the inside of the printer:

Unplug the printer from the surge suppressor.

Remove the internal paper trays.

Remove the toner cartridge and place it on a piece of scrap paper.

Clean inside the toner cavity with a dry, lint-free cloth and brush (if a brush is supplied with the printer).

If the printer has one, clean the printer mirror gently with the brush. Don't touch the mirror if a brush isn't provided.

Wipe away dust and spilled toner. Remove paper fragments.

Clean the rollers, but don't touch the sponge roller.

Replace the toner cartridge.

Some extra tips:

Make it a habit to clean the exterior of your laser printer every time you change the toner, after printing about 2,500 pages, or whenever print-quality problems (such as dots or streaks) begin to appear. Be sure to unplug the printer and allow it to cool down before performing any maintenance. A water-dampened cloth should be sufficient for wiping down the case; don't use any ammonia-based cleaners on or around your printer.

To remove unfused toner from the rollers following a paper jam, print 5 to 10 blank pages on scrap paper.

Wipe toner from clothing if necessary, then immediately wash toner-soiled clothes in cold water.

Go to your printer manufacturer's Web site (see Related Sites) for detailed cleaning instructions.

Don't use any liquid cleaners inside the printer, except for alcohol , which dries quickly.
Everything should stay as dry as possible.

Use your printer software to run print head cleaning, head alignment and regular maintenance.
Windows has a cleaning routine you can use also:

Open the printer software by double-clicking on a printer icon or specific printer utility program, or opening a document and then selecting Print from the File menu.

In the printer software, look for a button labeled Options, Troubleshooting, Toolbox, Printer Utilities or something similar. (This varies by manufacturer.)

Follow the instructions on the screen.

Repeat the cleaning process if the results aren't satisfactory.

Some print quality problems are caused by dirty toner contacts on the side of the toner. Simply get a eraser and erase any excess grime; wipe with a lint free cloth. This will remove fine lines in the Print Quality pages.

Laser printer cleaning made easy!

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